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3 Small (But Easily Fixable) Mistakes Most Indie Filmmakers Make

As a new independent filmmaker, it’s important to be aware of these 3 common mistakes (and how to avoid them) in order to make the most of your first feature film.

Mistake #1: Not Networking Enough

I’ll start — 👋🏼 let’s chat! Don’t limit your opportunities and make it harder to get your projects off the ground. Start building relationships with other filmmakers today.

What are some ways to network as an independent filmmaker?

Attend film festivals, networking events, and join online filmmaking groups.

Mistake #2: Not Spending Enough Time in Pre-Pro

You can always spend more time in pre-production. Organize the production up front, and you’ll save time, money, and headaches later.

What are some examples of work an indie filmmaker can do in pre-production?

Set aside at least six months to scout locations, hire crew & actors, shot list, plan meals, and find equipment.

Mistake #3: Not Enough Feedback on the Script

The more people, the better. Don’t, and it’ll lack clarity. This will lead to poor performances from actors & confusion for the crew (as they break it down).

Who can you get feedback from as a beginning screenwriter?

Ask for feedback from: industry professionals, crew, peers, and test ideal audience members.

Recapping the 3 ways you can set off on the right path:

  1. Build relationships

  2. Prioritize pre-production

  3. Always seek more feedback

Avoid these 3 small (but easily fixable mistakes), and achieve your goals to make your dream of making a feature film a reality.

See you tomorrow. Matt Cici

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5 Small (But Easily Fixable) Mistakes Most People Make Starting Out As An Indie Filmmaker - Visit to read more.

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