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3 Topics I Am Exploring In My Life Right Now

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

There are 3 topics I am thinking about a lot these days:

Mental health in my life & in cinema

I am interested in learning more and caring for my own mental health. This has been a lifelong pursuit for me, especially as I began making films. It’s only proven to be essential to sustain any form of a career in the medium.

I am pursuing the development of a storytelling voice true to the human condition. One that explores the depths of everyday life.

Mental health is still too sensationalized in film. Inaccurate representation isn't helpful, and instead is quite harmful.

I am continuing my journey to join those working to change that. And, do so for both sides of the camera (i.e. for the audience and for the filmmakers).

Community building

My first experience with building communities was with my debut feature film, Lambent Fuse.

The film production itself was community-powered, and that led to a not-for-profit movement. We dedicated our time to integrating the arts in Minnesota. And, we supported dozens of artists and exposed them to hundreds of new fans in its first year.

Soon after, I developed community initiatives with film festivals. I'd create programs for youth in schools, community centers, and other organizations.

I even co-created one of the first "town squares" for Apple in Minneapolis. Every year, we invited thousands of people to learn and create together.

Since then, I have learned from community experts about the importance of connection and intention. Thanks to Tatiana Figueiredo, Tom Ross, Jay Clouse, and Carrie Melissa Jones.

Everything Brené Brown

I am also interested in learning more about compassion. And with that: vulnerability, boundary setting, and courage.

I find myself feeling motivated to grow when I explore Dr. Brown’s work. With each exercise, book, or podcast, I understand more about myself and others.

I’d love to discuss this with you, online or over some coffee. Feel welcome to say hello.

See you tomorrow.

Matt Cici

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