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Want To Tell Engaging Stories Through Creative Editing? Here Are 5 Tips.

Storytelling is key to building connection as a:

  • Filmmaker

  • Video editor

  • Content creator

  • Small business owner

The most innovative and effective video editors understand the importance of storytelling through creative editing.

Here are their 5 simple guidelines:

1. Know Your Story

Understand the one you want to tell.

Successful video editors remind us that what people care about is the story (not graphics or special effects). Your audience will remember you(r video) for the story.

Remind yourself what matters most.

2. Keep it Simple

Many people think they need to add as much visual flair as possible.

When actually, it’s usually the opposite. Too much visual stimulation can detract from the story. Don’t fall into this trap.

Keep it simple and let the story speak for itself.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

It takes people a while to learn this.

Think of something you’re good at. How did you get there? Success is not about having the latest tech (or knowing the most advanced techniques).

Instead, it’s about putting in the reps.

4. Embrace Your Own Style

You develop a style through consumption & practice.

Embrace it. Your unique style will develop naturally. It’s what makes your content, yours.

Having a distinctive style makes all the difference.

5. Focus on Emotion

Like most things in life, your goal should be to evoke an emotional response from your audience.

Then, and only then, will you follow in the footsteps of the most innovative video editors ever.


Storytelling through creative editing is a top trend in video production.

Learn the 5 key tips for success as a new editor:

  • Focus on what matters

  • Challenge common myths

  • Practice over perfection

  • Always push boundaries

  • Prioritize the right outcome

See you tomorrow. Matt Cici

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