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Website Design

By Matt Cici

Many businesses are starting to recognize the importance of having a custom website design. This is true for flower shops as well, but not all know how to go about it. Here's what you need to know if you're thinking about designing your own site or hiring someone else to do it for you. 


First, take the time and figure out what you want your website to accomplish. Not only should your site be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional in order to make running your business easier from home or on-the-go with mobile devices. Once you have figured out exactly what needs a web presence, sketch out some ideas and get feedback from friends and family who will give honest opinions rather than simply praising everything that they see before them!

Here are some custom flower shops I've worked on >

Bellamore Floral

Bellamore Floral is a full-service wedding, event and lifestyle floral design studio. Their mission is to provide customers with the highest quality blooms, while adding their unique and personal style.


Create an online custom order form for arrangements and floral bundles. Promoted through Instagram and doubled followers.

Bellamore Floral.jpg

Pickletown Flower Co.


A community shop that sources from local flower farmers, and seeks to actively support their businesses.


Increase visibility with community partnerships and events through the Flower Truck Pop Ups, where people can find us around town on the weekends to shop our fresh + dry flower bar.

PickleTown Flower Co.jpeg
Boxwood + Vine (In Development)


Run entirely by one person, Jess, Boxwood + Vine is a boutique floral design company with over 10 years of experience (exclusively through word of mouth + Facebook). She provides custom floral arrangements and commercial container gardens.


Drive traffic to her own website, and Jess has already left her "day job" due to the high-demand traffic on the pre-launch website.

Brand Development & Logo Design
View logo design >

Boxwood and Vine.png
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