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Storytelling with intention.

Join me and discover new ways of creating art and developing brands. We'll explore the importance of mental health, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Meet independent filmmaker, Matt Cici

👋🏼 hey, it's Cici! Thanks for joining me here.

Matt Cici is the founder of A Creative, a platform where he helps values-based entrepreneurs start and scale their online businesses. With experience building impactful communities and educational curriculum for companies like Wix, Block, NFFTY, and Apple, he shares insights each week as a brand strategist and web designer to help founders grow their businesses with intention. 


Based in Minneapolis, MN, Matt is currently working with Wix as a Community Leader and is in the process of creating an education hub for filmmakers. He is also passionate about writing about filmmaking and technology, specifically the craft of storytelling and the production process, and aims to make the industry more sustainable. His goals for the next 30 days include creating a daily habit of ideation and creation, meeting new people and making friends, and maintaining a mindfulness state.

Here are a few brands Cici's worked with recently.

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NFFTY logo (letters) in black and white
Square, Inc. logo in black and white
Wix logo in black and white

Essays on filmmaking + technology.


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