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Film education should be accessible for all!

As a filmmaker, I've struggled to find the resources and connections needed to make my films.


We want to create a space for all filmmakers to collaborate, connect, learn, and share their work with others.


Our goal is simple - we're working on building an online community where filmmakers can come together and help each other out. Whether you're looking for advice on how to get started or pointers on how best edit your latest film project - we'd like our website be the place where you go!

What experience do I have?

Minnesota Filmmaker and Producer with 15+ years experience and international awards.

Check me out on IMDb >

Education Director—

Twin Cities Film Fest - TCFF >

Duluth Superior Film Festival - DSFF >

Advisory Board Member—

National Film Festival for Talented Youth - NFFTY >

Institute of Production and Recording - IPR >

Century College >

Festival Consultant—

Catalyst Stories >


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Image by Erica Lewis