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Learning Film History and Analysis is Essential for New Filmmakers

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

These 3 YouTube channels will teach you enough to get started.

Level up your knowledge without the film school tuition & learn:

  • Evolution of cinema

  • Storytelling techniques

  • Representation of marginalized groups

Subscribe to these 3 YouTube channels:

1) Every Frame a Painting

  • In-depth analysis of some of the most iconic films.

  • Discusses everything from a film’s themes, shot composition and sound design…

  • To how it fits in with the broader context of cinema history.

2) Lessons from the Screenplay

  • Analyzes & teaches you storytelling techniques.

  • Uses examples from popular films.

  • Breaks down how movies use structure, character development, and other elements to tell compelling stories.

3) Be Kind Rewind

  • In-depth analysis of films

  • Representation of women in cinema

  • Breaks down careers of women in film and other marginalized communities.

  • Explores their struggles and triumphs.


Instead of waiting to enroll in film school to become more informed.

Start learning today (for free) on YouTube.

See you tomorrow. Matt Cici

Follow the journey here or on:

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