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Learning Film History and Analysis is Essential for New Filmmakers

Updated: Jan 26

These 3 YouTube channels will teach you enough to get started.

Level up your knowledge without the film school tuition & learn:

  • Evolution of cinema

  • Storytelling techniques

  • Representation of marginalized groups

Subscribe to these 3 YouTube channels:

1) Every Frame a Painting

  • In-depth analysis of some of the most iconic films.

  • Discusses everything from a film’s themes, shot composition and sound design…

  • To how it fits in with the broader context of cinema history.

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2) Lessons from the Screenplay

  • Analyzes & teaches you storytelling techniques.

  • Uses examples from popular films.

  • Breaks down how movies use structure, character development, and other elements to tell compelling stories.

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3) Be Kind Rewind

  • In-depth analysis of films

  • Representation of women in cinema

  • Breaks down careers of women in film and other marginalized communities.

  • Explores their struggles and triumphs.

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Instead of waiting to enroll in film school to become more informed.

Start learning today (for free) on YouTube.

See you tomorrow. Matt Cici

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